Last year, Kimberly Driggins was selected by The Motley Fool Foundation to be in its inaugural cohort of Financial Freedom Rule Breakers of social innovators who challenge conventional wisdom and create equitable pathways to Financial Freedom for people living paycheck to paycheck.

We are so proud to be aligned with a partner who shares WHC’s values. The Motley Fool Foundation believes that when there is equal access to the tools that enable wealth building, when everyone believes it’s possible, and when people act, together, individuals thrive, our economy flourishes, and positive, change happens for the long-term. And they believe, as we do, that housing is critical to achieving racial equity and enabling people to build wealth and opportunity for themselves and their families.

We congratulate The Motley Fool Foundation Financial Freedom Rule Breakers program for its support and proud to be a part of this network of investors and innovators. With this support, WHC continues its work to challenge the cycles of displacement that entrench barriers to diversity and inclusivity and help workers such as first responders, grocery clerks, teachers and others living paycheck to paycheck focus on their future, instead of the uncertainty of escalating rents.

Preserving housing affordability and promoting economic mobility in the DC-region

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