WHC Executive Director’s article on Preservation, Placemaking, and Private Sector Investment was published on Invest Health

This week, WHC Executive Director Kimberly Driggins’ article was published for Invest Health, an initiative by The Reinvestment Fund. She details WHC’s unique financial and placemaking model as a solution to the urgent need to preserve workforce housing for healthier and more economically secure residents and communities.

Speaking on the inflated housing market in DC, Kimberly reveals that, “In a market where an average two-bedroom apartment rents for $2,921, more than 72,000 households fall into the “affordability gap.” Challenges to closing that gap are staggering. And ongoing threats to future affordability—and stability—frequently tie up so much of a resident’s financial and mental energy, little is left over for such life enhancements as education, training, and savings.” By preserving currently affordable homes, residents can avoid displacement and invest in their families, wellbeing, and futures. Read the whole article HERE.

Preserving housing affordability and promoting economic mobility in the DC-region

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